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What information do I need to supply to get an insurance quote?


Insurance is an important safety net to have. Nobody expects the worse to happen until it does, and then it is too late. Each insurance company will require different information from you about your property that you wish to insure, but here is the general info you will need to provide if you choose to help us get you insurance.


Property construction details 

This is information about how your property has been built. This can be as specific as percentage of brick the property is made from, but is usually more well-known and general like the type of material your roof is made from or whether the building is listed.


Insurance claim history 

This is a lot easier than the previous home questions. The insurer will ask you whether you have been involved with someone else’s claim or made a claim yourself over the past few years. They will ask you also whether you have had any previous prosecutions or any ongoing or existing claims.


Property situation 

This section is a bit longer than the previous one. The insurer will ask you whether the property is undergoing any repairs or alterations. They may also ask about the people living in the property.

They will also want to know if the property has suffered any damage and what repairs it may have had previously.

Additionally, they will ask about the general condition of the property; both internal and externally.