Connecting Electricity & Gas

Even though the lights might be working when you move in, it’s likely you’ll have no idea who your provider is, who signed you up, or how much you’ll be expected to pay. Changes to the energy market in the UK means there is more choice now than ever before, and you can take control of your energy bills with Please Connect Me. We do the research to make sure you get a great deal at your new home, and can submit actual meter readings so you don’t pay for anyone else’s energy but your own.

Telephone & Broadband

Connecting Telephone and Internet

There are now dozens of suppliers offering phone & internet deals, and it can often be difficult to decide which is best for you. Many people nowadays don’t want a phone line, and some prefer high speed internet to options on their TV. If you get connected with Please Connect Me, we will take the time to discuss your needs and ensure you are set up with the best plan for your new home.Some factors to consider are:

  • Price
  • Calling areas (National v International)
  • Bundle packages (with broadband, mobile and tv)
  • Speed (fibre vs ADSL)


Connecting Pay TV

Changes to the online landscape means there are now more pay TV options than ever before. Whether in a bundle with telephone & broadband, or purchased separately online, it’s hard to know which is best for you and how much you should be paying.Connecting with Please Connect Me allows you to take some of the stress out of your decision making process. We will present the best choices we have available to you based on your needs and circumstances, to make sure you get the entertainment that you can’t live without!

House Cleaning

Not enough hours in the day?

Ask us today about how our award winning cleaning partners can help keep your new home sparkling, so you can get back to the important things. Regular assistance and one off larger jobs available.


Water Connections

UK tenants and home owners are responsible for setting up and paying their own water bills. Though you don’t have a choice of supplier, this is still an admin-heavy task that takes time away from all the other things you have to deal with. Let Please Connect Me set up your water account so you know what to expect.

Council Tax

Registering for Council Tax

Like water, there is no choice of to who or how much council tax you pay, but it is still something that must be set up when you move into your new home. Non-payment is an offence, so it’s best to get it organised before you move in to stay on top of your obligations. Please Connect Me will set up your Council Tax account at no cost, so you know how much to pay, and when to pay it.


Are you covered?

If you’re a tenant, you may not know that even IF the landlord does have insurance, it’s unlikely that his policy will cover your personal property in case of a disaster. Please Connect Me works with insurance providers that can help you get back on your feet in any scenario.

Utility Providers

Some of Please Connect Me’s premium utility partners:



Good Energy has been providing 100% renewable electricity since 1999, giving homes and businesses across the UK the choice to use a clean, green, ethical energy provider.All of their electricity is generated from wind, sun and water from right here in the UK, thanks to over 1200 renewable generators, putting money back into local communities and working to promote a decentralised energy system.With award winning customer service and ethics, Good Energy isn’t like any other supplier currently on the market.

Phone & Internet


Virgin Media’s award winning fibre optic broadband is the fastest available in the UK with speeds of up to 200Mb per second. Powered by the Virgin Media Super Hub, it’s jam-packed with the latest wireless technology so that customers can enjoy an uninterrupted, secure wireless connection at lightning speeds.They are also the only company to offer super fast broadband without line rental and with a range of amazing TV products they have a package to suit all tastes and budgets.Find out if you’re in a Virgin Media service area today.


Over the past 21 years Zen has established a reputation as a trusted provider of connectivity, communications and cloud services to help businesses and residential customers across the UK, giving them the capabilities they need to communicate, collaborate and thrive in a highly-connected world. Customers benefit from Zen’s independent, resilient and robust network backed by excellent customer service and technical support.The company has won many awards for excellence including the UK IT Industry Award for Services Company of the Year, a UK Customer Experience Silver Award for Technology & Telecoms and PC Pro’s Best Internet Service Provider.



House Cleaning


Housekeep makes it easy to find trusted, experienced house cleaners in your local area. Every cleaner is English-speaking, friendly, reliable and trustworthy. They’ve been interviewed in-person, background-checked and rated 5-stars by their customers.As well as being cleaning pro’s, they can help you with household tasks such as laundry and ironing. Book a regular visit and we’ll send you the same trusted cleaner every week or fortnight. If you take advantage of the free key-holding service, they can even clean while you’re at work.You manage everything online – from booking to payment. Add visits, skip visits, leave notes and book extra services including fridge and oven cleaning. They’ve helped thousands of Londoners find a trusted cleaner in their local area. Book a one-off clean or a regular visit now, and leave the elbow grease to them.

Book end of tenancy or one-off major cleans with Twinkle Clean. According to mydeposits.co.uk, cleaning costs is one of the top reasons that deposit money is withheld at the end of a tenancy.With their carefully selected cleaning partners, Twinkle Clean will guarantee the return of your cleaning deposit for up to one week after the cleaning is completed, to give you peace of mind during your move. Their specialist team continue to work closely with inventory clerks, landlords and estate agents to maintain their cleaning checklists, which are verified and regularly updated to meet the high standards required from the industry.