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Broadband FAQs

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All our most common broadband questions answered.


Most people feel confident when it comes to using the internet, but buying a broadband package is a different story. Make sure you know everything there is to know so you can make an informed decision when you buy a package. Check out the answers to our most asked questions about broadband.


How do I know what broadband suppliers I can use?

Not all broadband deals are available nationwide, so we’ll check for the best deals in your area.


Do I need a phone line to get broadband?

Most broadband packages require you to have a phone line, as they will use this to connect you to the internet. However, if you live in an area with fibre cables, then this can be used to connect your broadband rather than your phone line. If you want a phone line then most providers will offer line rental bundled in with broadband deals.


What do ‘up to’ speeds mean?

Broadband suppliers only need to give this top speed to 10% of customers. So when you see speeds of up to 52 Mb, that doesn’t guarantee that’s the speed you’ll receive.

That’s why we look for the most reliable suppliers, by researching the lowest assured download speeds for broadband packages.


What can I do if fibre broadband isn’t available at my house?

If this is the case then don’t panic – you’ll still be able to get an internet connection, but it will be a standard rather than fibre connection. This means your internet won’t be as fast as fibre optic, but it will still be able to perform all the same functions as fibre broadband.


Fibre broadband isn’t available at my address, but I absolutely have to have the fastest broadband speeds around

Fear not because there are ways around the problem. We recommend using Hyperoptic, a fibre-based internet service provider who install and maintain their own fibre optic lines. If your house isn’t eligible for fibre optic broadband, then they can install the necessary cables to your home to give you a fibre broadband connection.


Will my broadband speed vary depending on the time of day?

At peak times when large numbers of people are using the internet, some providers will use something they call ‘traffic management’. This means that the provider is slowing the service of certain users at peak times to ensure everyone can get online.


What are up-front costs?

Some providers will charge you an up-front cost when you start your broadband package. This covers the cost for installation or connection and the delivery of your router.


Can I get a broadband and TV bundle?

Yes! We can get you TV services bundled with your broadband. Just let us know which TV channels you’re interested in and we can find the best deals for you.