Who supplies my water?

There are currently 25 water suppliers across England, Scotland and Wales. The water in your home will come from your local water company, which is responsible for supplying water to all the homes in that geographical region.


Can I switch supplier?

There is no option to switch supplier to get a better deal, as your water can only be supplied by your local water company. Don’t worry though, Ofwat (government regulator) oversee the industry to ensure providers don’t exploit their monopolistic power.


What do my bills cover?

Water suppliers charge customers a water rate for their services. This water rate covers a continuous supply of water at an adequate pressure, in addition to the cost of renewing water pipes and treatment plants to maintain quality of water and service.


How are my bills calculated?

This depends on whether you have a water meter installed at your home. If you do, then your water bill will be calculated based on the amount of water you use.

If you do not have a water meter, then the rateable value of your property determines your water bills. This value is based upon the size and general condition of your property and the availability of local services. This information is then used to calculate a flat rate you will pay for your water use, which not be affected by how much water you use.